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Per visites amb menys de 24h d’antelació, cal trucar al telèfon 93 897 00 52 en horari de 9h a 19h.

Classic visit gift

The Visita Clàssica gift consists of a first explanation of the history of the masia, a walk through vineyards to explain the organic cultivation, the varieties planted and finally a tasting of 4 wines accompanied by local cuisine.

What’s in the gift voucher:

  • Visit to the vineyard and winery
  • Tasting of 4 wines
  • Accompanying gastronomy

Where you put “Gift for” you must put the name of the recipient.
The voucher will be for as many people as you mention and buy the product.
You will receive an email with the printable voucher.

Duration 1h 30 min approx.

catalan/ spanish/ english


Select as many units of the product as guests


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