Joan Milà, also known by the nickname “The Merlot Magician”, surprised us again with a generous wine. There is the last project of Joan and Albert that came to light before Joan left us on January 2009.

It is a GENEROUS WINE resulting from a project of more than 15 years of winemaking. Project that begins with the 1993 harvest, coinciding with the beginning of the new stage of the family farm.

On this occasion baptized with the name of LYRIC, in reference to the poetry in which the element and the affective, sentimental and emotional tone predominate. Genre without meter or rhyme of its own. Fully applicable to this new project that does not follow regulations or rules, but is the result of an illusion.
Sweet wine of very limited production of which 2000 units of 50 cl have been bottled with a glass stopper, in order to facilitate its conservation and avoid possible problems of bad taste caused by the cork.


Vinification: Is a unique Merlot fortified wine produced by following the vinification technique for fortified wines. The must has been partially fermented, to which wine alcohol has since been added in the same aging barrel thus achieving a stable wine par excellence, rich in sugars and high alcohol content.
Ageing: Annually, since 1993, small quantities have been produced and aged in 225 litre barrels following the criaderas and soleras method that characterizes the great fortified wines of Jerez. This is why we can speak of a wine that is a solera wine.

After-dinner wine par excellence. Also suitable for pairing with a foie-based snack. Pairs well with some strong blue cheeses. Ideal for flavouring a fresh fruit salad and combines perfectly with catànies, chocolates and nuts.

“Dark, slightly reddish amber. The nose is an aromatic festival due to its quantity, clarity and complexity. There are toasted notes from aging in the barrel, notes of rancio wine combined with very ripe forest fruits and blackberries as well as dried figs, dried peach and roasted hazelnuts. The palate is moderately dense and not too sweet – definitely not cloying – with a significant perception of the 19 o alcohol approaching it to the finest Jerez brandies, hints of a refreshing acidity and a long, almost undying, finish, in which the nuances, toasting and fruit come to a sweet end.” (Tasting notes compiled by Joan Nebot, Wine Reviewer).

“Iodine colour, amber edge. Powerful aroma, complex, elegant, nuts, toasted, acetaldehyde. Fat, bitter , solera nuances, long, spicy and balanced on the palate” (Spanish Peñín Guide 2015)

  • PEÑÍN GUIDE 2012. LYRIC 90 points.
  • PEÑÍN GUIDE 2013. LYRIC 92 points.
  • PEÑÍN GUIDE 2015. LYRIC 94 points.

Alcohol content: 19% Vol. Acidity: g/l (tartaric)
Sugar: 150 mgr/L
Sulphur dioxide: 94 mg/L


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