Rosat de llàgrima

With the 1993 harvest, we pioneered the production of a rosé with merlot. This fact helped us a lot to make a good place in the market and to be labeled as an innovative winery with quality wines. Our rosé, made from a short maceration of the pasta achieving an intense cherry color and a wide range of red fruit aromas, was our big hit, the HIT. A wine that appeals to gourmets and less wine lovers, makes no gender distinctions and appeals to both men and women, older people and younger people. A wine that has changed the concept of rosés to many consumers, a wine that has been the subject of good reviews and awards, a wine with a strong personality. We have managed to demystify the bad press of the rosés. Such a success.


Vinification: After destemming, the grapes are macerated for about 12 hours to achieve the pink colour that makes the wine so special. Then, they are fermented for 15 days at a temperature of 14 -15 °C. This process allows us to extract a wide range of aromas from the grapes reminiscent of red berries and a slightly floral touch.

As an aperitif, it goes with a wide range of food like fine charcuterie and various types of fish and delicate meat. Excellent wine for socializing. Excellent accompaniment to rice and noodle paellas.

If the colour is exceptional, the aromas are even more so: they offer a combination of strawberry with citrus hints of grapefruit and lemon, with a very fresh undertone of mint and recently cut grass and with a slight sweetness.

Palate is structured, having the strength of a red wine, though with a freshness provided by just the right hint of acidity that briskly prompts the lips to return to the glass. (Joan Nebot, Wine Reviewer) – “Raspberry colour. Red fruit aroma, balanced, ripe fruit, dried herbs. Palate: full-flavoured, fruity, long“” (Peñín Guide 2015)

Alcohol content: 13.50% vol.
Total acidity: 5.4 g/l (tartaric)
Total sugars:1.0 g/L
Total sulphur dioxide: 81 mg/L


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